ARRIVE EARLY. Getting to class 10 minutes ahead of time allows you to settle in and start relaxing. While waiting, you can practice a pose, stretch, or just breathe and center yourself. We start and end classes on time, and the front door is locked once class starts.

LET US KNOW YOU'RE HERE. Please sign in at the iPads every time you come to class. Let the teacher/person behind the desk if you are new to the studio (you’ll need to do some paperwork) and/or have physical issues of which we need to be aware. If you are brand new to yoga, no problem! Please let us know so we can give you some additional information that you might find helpful as you begin your yoga journey with us. 

STORE YOUR STUFF. Leave everything outside the studio other than what you need for your practice. There are cubbies in the lobby in which you can leave shoes, wallet/purse, cell phone, etc. We lock the door when class begins to ensure the safety of your belongings.

YOGA IS NOT A COMPETITION! Put your full intent into class, but detach yourself from the result. Always practice compassion with yourself to avoid strain or injury; no matter what your level, you will benefit from practicing your version of every pose!

NEED TO LEAVE EARLY? Let us know if you need to leave early and please do so quietly before Savasana starts. We are happy to help you accommodate your schedule, but we request that you be as least disruptive to everyone else in the room as possible.

OBSERVE SILENCE IN THE STUDIO.  The studio itself a quiet place for those who are trying to slow down. Please be respectful of other students and observe silence in the studio before class starts. 


CLEAN UP. Please use the towels we provide to mop up any sweat around your mat after class. In addition, if you borrowed a mat, please clean it with the mat cleaner provided and hang it up on the drying rack.