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The 5 Best Post-Yoga Meals

After a super-sweaty class, you might be wondering what to eat after yoga. Good nutrition is essential to extending yoga’s benefits beyond the mat and will keep that yoga glow going long after you leave the studio.

These are our favorite feel-good meals to keep you full and satisfied.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with all the (custom) toppings

Oatmeal is a longtime favorite of nutritionists and doctors for its fiber and ability to help lower cholesterol. But the best thing about oatmeal is that it's delicious and completely customizable.

Rather than going for the pre-made, sugar-filled packets, cook plain oatmeal and add your own toppings. The options are endless- from fresh fruit and nuts to maple syrup and cinnamon or even savory flavors.

Lunch: Avocado toast

Don't limit your avocado toast intake to just breakfast- it makes for the perfect post-yoga lunch! Take 2 slices of whole wheat toast (or the version of your choice), spread half an avocado on each and top with radish slices, a drizzle of olive oil, and red pepper flakes. For more variety, top with tuna or a hard-boiled eggs, assorted raw veggies, or microgreens.

Dinner: Salmon and roasted veggies

Besides being delicious, salmon offers lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids to reduce blood pressure. Add veggies and brown rice for filling carbohydrates to round out the meal.

Snack: Hummus, pita bread and veggies

Made from chickpeas, hummus is full of protein to replenish muscles tired from holding warrior 2 for what felt like hours. Pita bread and veggies provide carbohydrates and dozens of vitamins. The combination of both and is easy to switch up for variety and will keep you full for hours.

Something sweet: A fruit-filled smoothie

If your sweet tooth doesn't like to go too long without something to satisfy it, you're not alone! Top off your yoga workout with a smoothie for a treat that feels decadent but won't leave you bloated or lethargic.

Go with whatever combination of fruits, veggies and toppings you prefer, but we recommend using berries for something tart that isn't too

sweet, vanilla almond milk (or your preferred version) for flavor, nut butter for thickness and protein, and to top it off with cacao nibs and coconut flakes for a little crunch.

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