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Is A Yoga Retreat Right For You?

If you spend time in a yoga studio, Highland Yoga included, you’ve likely seen posters for upcoming yoga retreats. While retreats are certainly not for everyone, there are some common misconceptions that hold yogis back from attending.

So if you’re considering a retreat and have some reservations, you’re not alone. We’ll walk through the concerns we hear most frequently so you know what to expect from a retreat.

My practice isn’t advanced enough.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be advanced in order to join a retreat. Most yoga retreats, like most yoga classes, cater to all levels and styles with workshops and classes. If that isn’t the case, the retreat will clearly state if it’s meant for beginners only or advanced practitioners.

In fact, a yoga retreat can be the perfect way to go deeper into your practice and work toward your yoga goals. Multiple classes per day, workshops, and being able to focus completely on the present moment for days at a time are all incredibly helpful tools to make progress.

I don’t have enough time.

If your life feels especially stressful and hectic, it might be the perfect time to sign up for a yoga retreat. Retreats take you out of your daily life and away from your day-to-day cares. This gives you the chance to try something new, whether it’s developing your meditation routine, finally nailing crow pose, or getting more comfortable in your body.

Dedicating time to yourself when you feel pulled in a million directions fills up your cup, so you have more to offer those around you. It can be the best way to care for your own physical and mental wellbeing when you need it most.

I won’t know anyone there.

You might begin your yoga retreat experience not knowing anyone there but you definitely won’t end it without any friends. Retreats are a fantastic place to meet like-minded people and become part of a tight-knit community. Often, you’ll remain friends with your fellow retreat-goers long after you return home.

If you’re really nervous about going it alone, you can always invite along a friend or significant other to share a room and the experience with you.

It’s just all yoga, all day.

For most yoga retreats, this is certainly not the case. Most retreats take place in unique and beautiful locations and they give you time to not only explore on your own but set up experiences for the group to enjoy together.

From trying new food and experiencing new cultures, to relaxing on a beach yoga retreat, there are dozens of ways to enjoy yourself beyond your daily practice.

I’m not an experienced traveller.

This misconception requires a more nuanced answer. If you’re an inexperienced traveller but have always wanted to explore new places, a yoga retreat can be a great place to start. It provides a structured itinerary, provides a routine, and gives you built-in travel companions. For new travellers, this can alleviate a lot of the nerves surrounding travel.

On the other hand, if travel makes you nervous or you dread the thought of venturing that far from home, then a faraway yoga retreat may not be the right choice for you. If this sounds like you, but you’re still intrigued by retreats and wondering if a yoga retreat is worth it, then consider signing up for a retreat that keeps you close to home. You don’t need to travel far to get all the benefits a retreat has to offer.

It’s too expensive.

Affordable yoga retreats are available! Look for cheaper options online that don’t travel as far from your home base or that emphasize affordability with cheaper accommodations.

If you have your heart set on a more expensive yoga retreat and it’s out of budget, ask about payment plans and other options. Hosts will often work with you to make the experience possible.

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